How Tradebank works for Residential & Commercial Services

Idle time means less profit. Tradebank can help fill the empty slots in your schedule.

As someone in the service industry, such as roofing, asphalt paving, plumbing, electrical work, janitorial services, remodeling, lawn care or any other trade, you understand the importance of keeping your schedule full and generating income. You know that idle time means lost revenue. That's where Tradebank comes in. Tradebank can help you fill those empty times in your schedule and make sure you don't miss out on any potential income.

As a Tradebank client, our barter specialists will work closely with you to help you generate steady income for your business by utilizing the resources barter provides. You'll be able to make new sales, turn excess time into billable hours, keep your staff busy and more productive, while conserving your cash and improving your bottom line. Let us assist you in achieving your business goals with the power of barter.

If you're looking to grow your business, accepting Tradebank as an additional method of payment can help you acquire new business. Plus, the revenue you generate through Tradebank can be used to increase your name recognition and credibility in the marketplace. You can take advantage of advertising and marketing opportunities designed to bring you additional cash customers.

You also know that happy Tradebank customers will refer additional cash customers to you. The more people you know and the better quality your work, the more your company will grow. Besides advertising and promotional opportunities, consider using your new Tradebank revenue for printing, accounting and legal services, vehicle maintenance, signage, uniforms, and health care. These are just a few additional ways you can use your former "down time" into new purchasing opportunities while conserving your cash.

If you have time to accept additional business, then Tradebank has work for you.

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Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

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