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The above-named business entity hereby applies to become a Client of Tradebank International, Inc. (TI). Upon submitting this application, Client agrees to pay a $495 enrollment fee. Client understands that the enrollment fee includes the right to participate in Tradebank’s trade system. Client agrees to pay Tradebank a monthly service fee of $15 cash and a cash brokerage fee according to the Client option selected on all purchases through Tradebank’s trade system. If Tradebank fails to bring Client new trade revenue within (12) months after approval date, Client may cancel account within (30) days following the first (12) month period with written notice to Tradebank and will receive a full enrollment fee refund. If Client fails to accept new business in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of Tradebank during the first (12) months, Client forfeits right to enrollment fee refund. Client has read the Tradebank Client Agreement on the back side of this application or via a separate form provided to Client at time of acceptance of this agreement and the Tradebank Rules & Regulations (separate form), acknowledges that they are acceptable and agrees to abide by them. The Tradebank Client Agreement and Tradebank Rules & Regulations can be found in the Library section at Client understands that final acceptance of this application shall be contingent upon the approval of the screening committee and category availability. Upon acceptance, Client will receive email notification for logging into the portal and app. It is Client’s responsibility to validate email so that statements and digital card can be accessed. Failure to validate email will result in statement & printed card charge of $3 per month.

I hereby authorize Tradebank Canada to charge all my Tradebank fees due to the EasyPay method of payment provided above on the 10th of each month. I understand that by signing this form I am assuming responsibility to verify the amount that will be processedas indicated on my Tradebank account prior to the 10th of each month. I may obtain this amount from my monthly statement provided online via on the 2nd day of each month. I understand this form will be valid until I cancel this authorization with a written notice submitted to Tradebank: 329 Welland Ave. St. Catharines ON L2R 2R2 and/or

By signing, you agree that we can use your name and logged IP address as legal validation and it will be treated the same as a physical signature.

Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

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