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On May 8th, 2023, Tradebank International expanded into the Canadian market with Ian Charnock and Richard Reist joining the Tradebank family at the helm of Tradebank Canada.

Ian Charnock

Director of National Sales

Richard Reist

Director of Business Development

Tradebank International



CEO - Tradebank International



Accounting Manager



IT Manager



Lead Developer

John Perry Pellegrino

Marketing Director



Corporate Broker



Corporate Broker



Corporate Broker

We Put Clients First

Good business is all about integrity, trust, honesty and confidence. Tradebank distinguishes ourselves in the market place because we embrace those values when we deliver our barter services, and we have done so for over 35 years.

From our inception, Tradebank has put our clients first. We recognize we have a two part responsibility to Tradebank clients: to introduce you to new trading partners AND also facilitate your ability to turn your new incremental revenue into the products and services you want. Only after BOTH of these are fulfilled do we ask for our brokerage fees. We can do that because we have the confidence in our trading network that we don’t have to ask for your money first before we facilitate your trading cycle with sales and purchases.

We recognize the value of doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it and we expect the same from our clients. We are committed to establishing long term relationships with our clients and understand we each have a responsibility to each other. That’s why so many business owners who love barter turn to Tradebank.

About Us

Tradebank is a leading barter exchange headquartered in Canton, Georgia. As one of the largest exchanges in the US & Canada, we represent thousands of business owners and professionals with 15+ regional offices.

Our client base consists of ambitious, like-minded business owners that trade what they have for what they need, fostering growth and cash-saving opportunities for all.

Trades are conducted with the assistance of experienced Tradebank Brokers, who work closely with clients to facilitate their success.

Mission Statement

To focus on the growth of our clients and franchised offices, by sharing the story of how barter is impacting the lives of our clients while continuing to strive for overall excellence by emphasizing our client’s customer service experience, developing rewarding new partnerships, and increasing our market presence.

The drive to achieve distinction as a prosperous barter company will be accompanied by the culture of teamwork and customer focus, which is synonymous with the Tradebank brand.

Why Join Tradebank

Tradebank offers a full array of services that other trade exchanges simply cannot match.

  1. Our brokers are the ultimate trade professionals — well-trained, highly knowledgeable, and experienced in all aspects of trade.

  2. Tradebank offers your business a no-risk guarantee: If we don’t bring your company new business, we’ll refund your initial retainer fee – in full.

  3. With our use of the Internet and our state-of-the-art, proprietary technology, we’re offering clients speed and efficiencies that were never available before.

  4. As a member of Tradebank, you’ll have working for you a solid, experienced organization with regional exchange offices across North America.

Tradebank offers a full array of services that other trade exchanges simply cannot match.

Tradebank is a leading trade network that assists companies of all sizes to convert what they have into what they need using a means of exchange called the Tradebank Dollar (T$) in the United States. Our network provides a marketplace for businesses of all sizes and helps those businesses to increase sales, enhance cash flow, and improve profitability.

Employed as a financial tool, Tradebank assists companies across a variety of industries to increase sales and conserve cash while still obtaining the products and services they need to run their business.

Members of the Tradebank Network can search the Internet for those products and services that are offered by other clients. Trades are conducted over the telephone with the assistance of experienced Trade Brokers.

Trading is an effective management tool that goes straight to the bottom line. Businesses large and small have realized that barter enables them to build their revenue. Every time your company barters :

Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

About Us



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