As a Tradebank member, you're able to trade with any client in our organization, choosing from more than 125,000 products and services across Canada and the US. We help facilitate your growth with almost endless barter opportunities, while increasing your overall revenue.

"What can Tradebank do for my business?"

Advertising Bartering

If you want to sell advertising space or time, bartering is a common practice that you'll likely need to use. Remember that missing the deadline means losing the opportunity forever. Tradebank offers a solution - you can trade out your unsold ad space or time instead of letting it go to waste.

Animals & Pets Bartering

If you have cats, dogs, fish, goats, or any other animal, bartering gives you an opportunity to get your animals in the hands of loving owners while also getting services you need for your business.

Automotive Bartering

As a mechanic or body shop owner, you can use the barter system to turn your downtime into a way to accumulate trade dollars and attract new business. By using barter, you can pick up new clients that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

Education Bartering

Tutoring, classes, and other forms of education through bartering are often requested. Use your spare time or resources to acquire new students.

Health & Medical Bartering

You encounter patients who have insurance and those who don't. Bartering with your patients for medical services or even simply copays can help expand your practice with new patients and also enable you to access what your practice needs.

Home & Garden Bartering

It's important to remember that time is always working against you. Vegetables spoil, plants die, and flowers wilt over time in your home and garden business. But by bartering your excess inventory, you can reach a whole new group of customers while also gaining access to valuable needs for your company. Don't let anything go to waste – take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business.

Non-Profits & Charity Bartering

As a nonprofit, you have a great opportunity to receive and redeem non-cash gifts through Tradebank. By bartering, you can bring in new supporters to your cause while also accessing the goods and services you need without draining your cash resources. Don't miss out on this chance to benefit both your organization and the community it serves.

Residential & Commercial Services Bartering

As a service-based company, you likely already understand the benefits of bartering. Plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, and many others have been taking advantage of this strategy for years. But have you considered the potential of opening yourself up to a whole new customer base that is eager to earn your business through barter? By doing so, you could attract even more attention and grow your company in ways you never thought possible.

Restaurant & Dining Bartering

Bartering can help your restaurant fill seats, reassuring potential diners who may be put off by an empty establishment. It also draws in new customers when your members bring their friends, cuts costs, and aids in retaining employees who don't receive tips from tables that stay empty.

Retail Bartering

Instead of selling your leftover products to a wholesale liquidator for pennies on the dollar, you can trade your goods to members, clearing the remaining inventory at full price.

Travel Bartering

When global economic chaos ruins your travel plans, what do you do? You barter for your travels instead of paying cash. Your empty hotel rooms are just lost revenue that can't be hired out again for that specific date. By bartering, you can fill those rooms with content travelers.

Tradebank Guarantees You New Business!

Why Is Barter Right For You?

Barter enables you to build your business while conserving cash flow. You can use barter, just like 92% of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses around the world. At Tradebank, you'll have access to thousands of potential customers for your product or service. As you trade for goods and services you need, you'll leave cash in your business.

As a business owner, you can benefit from trading as an effective management tool that goes straight to your bottom line. You will realize that barter enables you to build your revenue and increase profits. Every time you engage in bartering, your company can reap the rewards.

  • You leave cash in your business

  • You gain new customers

  • You buy goods at wholesale cost

Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

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