How Tradebank works for the Advertising Industry

If you are in the advertising industry, you probably know that barter and advertising go hand in hand. But managing direct barter transactions can be quite cumbersome. Luckily, Tradebank is here to help you out. As a Tradebank client, you can fully take advantage of trading your excess inventory without all the hassle of one-on-one barter. This means you can keep your sales staff focused on generating cash business and retaining clients, while Tradebank handles all the details for you.

In this tight economy, when you're trying to cut back on advertising expenses, Tradebank can help you keep your name in the marketplace by providing financial resources. Even if companies have rejected your cash proposals, you can still do business with them from the media's perspective.

As a Tradebank client, our barter professionals will act as your purchasing agent when you need to acquire products and services.

You can use this non-traditional revenue to buy advertising specialties, printing, property maintenance, office equipment, signs, banners, fine dining, entertainment and all the other products and services that may not be included in your budget.

As a Tradebank client, you have access to an additional source of revenue and, more importantly, someone outside of your staff who can focus on bartering. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of bartering without distracting you or your staff from making cash sales.

Other Trade Possibilities

Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

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