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Why Tradebank?


Residual Income

Start generating a secondary stream of income right away from trade transactions and fees.


Recession Proof

Facilitate cashless trades between your clients, providing an invaluable financial tool.


Enhanced lifestyle

Travel and save cash, expand your network, replace your typical cash expenses with trade dollars.


Training & Support

Unrivaled training efforts to support you in your franchise endeavour.


Proprietary Software

Proudly provide fast, efficient desktop and mobile trading platforms for your clients


Protected Territory

Grow in your region with peace of mind, competitive advantages, and more.

What is Tradebank?

Tradebank, founded in 1987, has emerged as a prominent barter exchange in Canada and the United States. With continuous growth, Tradebank presents an outstanding franchise ownership opportunity within a unique segment of the business-to-business market.

Our most frequently asked questions

What is a barter exchange?

A barter exchange functions as a community where individuals agree to accept trade dollars as a form of currency instead of cash. At its core, bartering involves a straightforward exchange of goods or services between two companies of equal value. Through a barter exchange, businesses can showcase their offerings and receive trade dollars as revenue. These trade dollars can then be utilized to acquire various items or services, ranging from advertising and website design to travel and food, without the need for cash transactions.

How does Tradebank work?

Tradebank operates as an intermediary, similar to a clearinghouse or commercial bank handling stocks or checks. By facilitating trades, Tradebank streamlines the process and saves all parties the hassle of collection, goods exchange, or matching. As a commission-based service, Tradebank earns a fee on each transaction. The transactions themselves are converted into barter credits known as "trade dollars," with one Trade Dollar equivalent to the value of one U.S. dollar.

These trade dollars are reflected as balances in the trade accounts of participating companies. To ensure personalized support, each business is assigned a dedicated Trade Broker who actively promotes their client's business and assists with sourcing desired products and services.What makes barter particularly advantageous is its versatility as a business tool applicable to nearly every business owner, professional, or individual seeking to conserve cash and boost profits.

Why Franchise with Tradebank?

Your Tradebank franchise will provide you instant income, as well as important residual income. You will be fully trained and provided the tools you need to be successful. Plus, you will be on the cutting edge, part of a company that is using proprietary technology (no off-the-shelf barter software here) to revolutionize a multi-billion dollar industry. Most importantly, you are part of an amazing team of people who believe our clients’ stories of how Tradebank has improved their business/lifestyle are at the core of what and why we love this business.

The transactions between companies are converted to barter credits or “trade dollars.” A single Trade Dollar is equal to one U.S. dollar in value and is reflected as balances in each company’s “trade account.” Each business is personally managed by a Trade Broker, who promotes the client’s business and assists with sourcing products and services.

Best of all, barter is a business tool that can be used by virtually every business owner, professional, or anyone that wants to conserve cash and increase profits.

Sign and manage clients fast with our proprietary software

Manage your Tradebank Franchise with confidence using our fast and reliable software, with features including, but not limited to:

  • Client activity reporting

  • Broker management

  • Deal-tracking software

  • Full email campaign system

  • Electronic notification system

  • Digital document and guide center

More common questions

Want to reach out to us directly? Contact us here.

How does Tradebank work for clients?

It’s simple! Tradebank clients are able to barter freely with any other participating Tradebank member, getting the products and services they need (without cash!). Clients can easily spend their trade dollars using Tradebank Mobile, or online with our myTradebank platform.

In addition to managing a profitable Tradebank location, you’ll assist your clients in a number of ways. You’ll help them increase sales with new customers and referalls, and you’ll help them increase profits through the use of excess capacity and inventory. You’ll also show clients how to conserve cash with trade dollars for both personal and professional use.

Tradebank is one of the world’s largest trade exchanges, helping clients from all sizes conserve cash and make their business more profitable.

What is a Trade Broker? How do they help?

Trade Brokers support the function of your Tradebank Franchise by continuously working with and promoting clients, determining their individual wants and needs, and assisting in “brokering” transactions for trades.

What are trade dollars?

When two companies transact with one another, those transactions are converted into trade credits, or trade dollars. Each client’s trade dollars are reflected as a balance in their trading account. Clients can offer their products and services in exchange for trade dollars, and then they can spend those trade dollars with any other participating Tradebank member. Tradebank brings a whole new dimension to traditional bartering.

Full Support

Our team works diligently to provide dynamic software tools to assist you in running a profitable franchise. We are one of the few companies with a proprietary software system. This enables us to provide a comprehensive backend system for our Tradebank team, our clients with a client–facing portal, and a mobile app. Our focus and implementation come directly from the input of our franchise owners, brokers, and clients.

Grow confidently

As a Tradebank Franchise Owner, or what we call a Regional Owner, you’ll be building your Tradebank business with the thousands of businesses in your territory.

Own Your Own Business In A One-Of-A-Kind Industry

Tradebank provides a step-by-step process to set up your Tradebank Regional Office and provides ongoing, comprehensive training for you and your staff to ensure success.

Access instant funding for your new operation

When you purchase a Tradebank Franchise, we'll deposit T$10,000 trade dollars* into your management account.

You will receive ongoing marketing and advertising programs
to attract new clients, such as:

  • Monthly team calls and annual meetings for Owners and Brokers

  • Monthly Sales training calls

  • Client Referral Matching Program

  • Franchise Mentorship Program

  • And much more.

Take advantage of our back-office support

Build your new client base and focus on new
sales and trade volume, worry-free.

We provide a wide variety of back office support initiatives. These include:

  • All accounts receivable

  • Statements

  • Payment reminders

  • Card production and distribution

  • Client tax forms

  • Client access to client portal and Mobile App

  • 24-hour processing transaction processing for clients

  • Custom franchise websites and social media setup

Available Locations

Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

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