Cash savings that go beyond expectations

Thousands of reputable business owners use Tradebank to save cash, get new customers and build a more professional network — proudly serving the United States and Canada, since 1987.

Excess Inventory Or Gaps In Your Schedule?

With access to our members, you have an active audience of local and national business owners that leverage the power of trade. Use your unused products or excess time in your schedule as a way to increase your income.

Purchasing Power

You can use your trade dollars on home services, marketing, advertising, travel, dining, and much more.

Competitive Edge

Increase your brand awareness, customer acquisition, referrals, and word-of-mouth business.

Your Competitive Advantage...Reinvented

As a managed barter exchange, Tradebank makes it so you can trade products without having to trade for something you don't want or need. Join our thousands of members, keep your cash, and trade for goods and services while acquiring a steady stream of new customers.

Gain new customers

Our members can help bring you reviews, cash-paying referrals and brand awareness for your existing cash business.

Keep your cash

Convert your products and services into trade dollars, spendable with any other participating Tradebank member.

Enhance your lifestyle

Keep your cash while getting the same products and services that you need. Freely trade with members in the network.

What Makes Tradebank Smarter?

Trade your products and services with other businesses throughout the US and Canada. Build relationships with Tradebank members to help grow your business.

With Tradebank, you receive trade dollars for the goods and services you sell in your trade account. As you build your trade dollar balance, you can spend it on goods or services from any other member.

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Why should my company barter?

Barter is the oldest form of commerce. It helps you build your business while conserving cash.

Roughly $12-14 billion worth of goods and services is exchanged annually in barter and trade transactions.

(That’s a lot of cash savings)

Why join Tradebank?

One-on-one barter trade deals are a thing of the past. It can be too hard to find someone who has what you want that will accept something you have. Our multi-directional trade exchange bypasses that issue so you are saving both time and money.

Every time you trade with Tradebank, you leave cash in your business, gain new customers, and expose your brand to an exclusive network of business owners, just like yourself.

My time is valuable. Do I get assistance?

One of the challenges many business owners face with bartering is the lack support and time investment required to get what they want.

As a member of Tradebank, you will be assigned a personal trade broker. Your broker's responsibility is to learn and understand, in-depth, your business and industry or retail sector.

Our expert trade brokers are here to help you to strategically buy and sell within our vast network.

Do you have what my business needs?

You have access to thousands of products and services within the Tradebank network. You can get everything from vacations, marketing, advertising, education, even dining (just to name a few). Take a look at our trade possibilities list for even more ideas.

Tradebank of Canada is a leading barter exchange that enables business owners of any size to convert what they have into products and services that they need.

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